Jamie Weingart

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Jamie Weingart is an esteemed business owner and the driving force behind JNW Consulting, a Gallup-Certified Workplace Consulting and Corporate Training Agency headquartered in Nebraska.

Since 2015, JNW Consulting has partnered with numerous hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies, regional and national nonprofits, and private entities to help maximize team effectiveness and impact. With a profound dedication to empowering leaders, Jamie’s firm strives to help them harness their strengths, amplify their influence, and cultivate highly engaged and high-performing teams.

At JNW Consulting, a comprehensive range of business services is offered, encompassing corporate training, expert leadership coaching, facilitation of strategic planning sessions, and insightful organizational performance consulting. Jamie’s expertise has played a pivotal role in the development of the SourceLink Nebraska strategic plan.

With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving corporate landscape, Jamie Weingart continues to inspire and guide leaders toward their full potential, fostering growth and success in organizations across Nebraska and beyond.