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SourceLink Nebraska is a one-stop shop for Nebraska entrepreneurs, business owners, and resource partners to find the right resource at the right time !

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SourceLink Nebraska connects aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with resources to start, scale or accelerate their business in Nebraska.

Entrepreneurs and business owners can connect to the right resources during the business life cycle, from startup, to access to capital, contracting and scaling for growth. SourceLink Nebraska offers a one-stop shop to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow and prosper.

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If you are a business resource partner, SourceLink Nebraska allows you to reach a broader audience and connect to entrepreneurs and business owners that need your help. This means better coordination of efforts, more clients, and increased visibility.

Guides for Business


Learn more with this virtual library of training videos for starting and growing a business.

Startup Guide

Find the steps, tips and resources you need to start a business.

Growth Guide

Plan, market, hire, promote and grow your business with these resources.

Capital Guide

Ready for funding? Find out how to get business loans, grants and equity funding.

Resource Mapping


Here you will find resources to support innovation businesses.


Locate a makerspace in your community.


Click here to search for ag tech and ag business specific resources.

Child Care

Are you seeking resources to support a child care business? Enter here to connect to organizations that support your industry.


Locate resources for veterans and active military.

International Trade

Here you will find resources for engaging in international trade, specifically importing and exporting.


Search resource partners that provide services specifically for people who speak Spanish.

Disaster Recovery

Locate resources for disaster preparedness and recovery.

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Inside SourceLink Nebraska delivers insights, inspiration and events to keep you growing and knowing.

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