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Feeling a bit uncertain about where to start? Worry not, because SourceLink Nebraska stands ready to assist entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. If you’re in search of connections to resources that can bolster your business pursuits, SourceLink Nebraska has your back. To embark on this journey, take that crucial first step – request your Personal Action Plan. This plan will serve as your guide to initiating connections to the wealth of resources that Nebraska has to offer!

SourceLink Nebraska takes its place as a bridge, connecting business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to an array of business-building resources, purposefully designed to fuel the creation and expansion of businesses throughout Nebraska. Emerging as a comprehensive and centralized hub, SourceLink Nebraska is the destination where entrepreneurs and business owners can access tailored assistance exactly when they need it. Embark on a journey through The Resource Navigator®, and set forth on your path towards achieving business ownership and growth.

Business Guides

SourceLink Nebraska Business Guides are resources designed to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with practical and actionable information for navigating various aspects of running a successful business. These guides cover a wide range of topics, offering insights on starting, managing, and growing a business in Nebraska.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a business idea or an established business owner looking to expand, the SourceLink Nebraska Business Guides offer step-by-step guidance, best practices, and relevant information tailored to the Nebraska business landscape. These guides cover essential areas such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, legal considerations, and more.

Resource Mapping

The process of mapping entrepreneurial and business resources entails recognizing a range of support systems, services, and opportunities that are accessible to entrepreneurs and businesses in a particular region or industry. The objective of this mapping exercise is to present a outline of industry-specific resources available in Nebraska that cater to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Inside SourceLink Nebraska

Within SourceLink Nebraska, we joyfully celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs, business owners, and resource partners who wholeheartedly enrich our local Nebraska communities. Embark on a journey through Inside SourceLink Nebraska, where you’ll uncover invaluable wisdom to not only navigate but also flourish within the dynamic and ever-changing business terrain.

Spotlight Story

SourceLink Nebraska is committed to sharing stories about entrepreneurs, business owners, and resource partners who play a vital role in Nebraska’s business landscape. These stories highlight their journeys, successes, challenges, and contributions to Nebraska’s economy and communities.

Through these narratives, SourceLink Nebraska aims to showcase the diverse range of entrepreneurs and business owners in Nebraska, representing various industries and sectors. The stories offer insights into their experiences, strategies, and lessons learned, serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring and established business leaders alike.

Additionally, SourceLink Nebraska features stories about resource partners who provide support to entrepreneurs and business owners. These partners include mentors, organizations, programs, and initiatives dedicated to fostering business development in Nebraska. By showcasing their efforts, SourceLink Nebraska helps entrepreneurs and business owners discover valuable resources and opportunities available to them.

Whether it’s a tale of overcoming adversity, a case study on innovative business strategies, or a profile of a resource partner making a significant impact, spotlight stories offer a window into the dynamic Nebraska business community.

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