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Listen to entrepreneurial and business-themed podcasts or participate in webinars. 

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Entrepreneurs Education Collaborative (EEC) Webinar Series

Hosted by Entrepreneurs Education Collaborative

Entrepreneurs Education Collaborative is a cooperative alliance of the Better Business Bureau, Catholic Charities, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Reach Initiative, Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Nebraska Business Development Center, SourceLink Nebraska, U.S. Small Business Administration, and SCORE Mentors of Omaha. The EEC hosts monthly webinars with topics impacting Nebraska entrepreneurs.

Heartland Franchise Guy

Hosted by Blake Martin 

The Heartland Franchise Guy is your one-stop podcast for all things franchising. The Heartland Franchise Guy podcasts provide education, resources, and advocacy for the local franchising field, and entrepreneurs looking to learn about franchising.

Inside Outside Innovation Podcast

Hosted by Brian Ardinger

Inside Outside Innovation explores the ins and outs of innovation with raw stories, real insights, and tactical advice from the best and brightest in startups & corporate innovation.

Make a Move Podcast

Hosted by Kirk Zeller & Rylie Mills

Make A Move Podcast showcases stories of how people have found creative ways to live their dreams. Make A Move towards living your dream doesn’t necessitate a Big Move, such as quit your day job and put your entire lifesavings at risk. The Move often can simply begins with calculated and less risky micro motions, Making A Move towards your ultimate dream. Join entrepreneur co-hosts Rylie Mills and Kirk Zeller as they share their journeys and go on a quest to find and share the stories of people who Make A Move towards living their dreams. Are you ready to put your dreams and ideas into motion? Take the first micro movement and listen to Make A Move Podcast today!

Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast

Hosted by Don Macke- e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast provides strategies to empower rural community success and vitality. Hosted by e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems’ Don Macke, episodes will feature interviews with cutting edge rural development thought leaders and community practitioners; remarkable entrepreneurs including business, nonprofit, and government professionals; and the learnings of e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

The Good Life Small Business Podcast



Hosted by Brian Blakely

The Good Life Small Business Podcast highlights small business owners in the great State of Nebraska. Being a small business owner can be challenging, stressful, and lonely. This podcast offers encouragement, motivation, and a way to relate to others who are on this amazing journey. If you are on the fence about starting a small business, a startup, or an established entrepreneur, you can find community here.

The Nexus

Hosted by Renee Sobotka

True North Technologies loves to spotlight Midwest businesses on their bi-weekly Facebook live titled “Nexus”! Sign up to tell your story and promote your product or service. You will reach a completely new audience, and the posts typically have thousands of views!

Growing Small Town Nebraska

Hosted by Sheila Jenkinson & Marcie Sextro

Sheila and Marcie talk with community leaders in their efforts to revitalize small towns in NE!

Omaha Sips and Tips

Hosted by Sean Lee 

Omaha Sips and Tips is your channel for local products. Sean visits with small business owners in the Omaha area and tests some quality products made right here in Nebraska.