Business Capital Guide

Review the steps below to find and apply for the right kind of capital for your business startup or growth needs.

Please note that these are basic steps you should consider and be aware of, but it is always best to consult a professional to help walk you through the steps and make sure you don’t miss anything. Search the SourceLink Nebraska Resource Navigator to find business consultants near you.

Step 1 - Calculate

Step 1 - Calculate

Determine how much money you will need, and for what. Ideally, you should have already outlined your funding requirements in your business plan.

Request assistance.

Calculate to start.

Calculate to grow.

Step 2 - Learn

Step 2 - Learn

Now that you have properly assessed your financial needs, take the time to find out all of your financing options (i.e. self-financing/bootstrapping, crowdfunding, grants, debt or equity).

Research financing options.

Take no-cost business classes or enroll in entrepreneurial programs on funding a business.

Meet with professional business advisors for no-cost advice and guidance.

Step 3 - Prepare

Step 3 - Prepare

After deciding on the appropriate financing option for your business, prepare a business case, as well as any required documentation, including your business financials, for potential crowd funders, lenders, or investors.

Get no-cost assistance from local non-profit business support organizations.

Get assistance from a CPA or Attorney registered in Nebraska

  • Consult with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • Consult with a registered corporate/business law attorney.

More tips for preparing.

Step 4 - Apply

Step 4 - Apply

Select the appropriate business financing provider, submit an application and all required documents.

After a successful funding effort, make sure to comply with any requirements of your funding agreement including repayment schedules.

Contrary to popular belief there are very few grants available to start and grow businesses.

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