Latino Small Business Program – Nebraska Extension – University of Nebraska Lincoln

The Latino Small Business Program offers educational programs for entrepreneurs, business counseling, connections and networking.


Latino Small Business Program

Provides one-on-one technical assistance and free consultation for Latino entrepreneurs or current business owners on business plan development, marketing plan development and support, references and resources, networking and support in complying with legal and financial requirements for small businesses.

The program also offers education and continuous training programs in their own language on Marketing, Financing and Accounting, Taxes, Food Safety, Computer Basics and more.

Extension Hall County started “Coffee Tables” meetings once a month for an hour so Latino Small Business owners can network, mentor, sharing successes, get to know colleagues, and generate opportunities or only meet and greet.

Bilingual Educators have the full support and resources of the University of Nebraska and connections with other agencies and organizations.

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting, Development and Review
  • Forming a Business
  • Market Plan Development

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
  • Budget, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Training
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Loan Providers
  • Obtaining Debt Funding
  • Obtaining Equity Funding
  • Obtaining Government Funding
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Tax Credits

Human Resources

  • Employee Development, Hiring and Policies

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Legal Services

  • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information
  • Forming a Business

Libraries and Research Organizations

  • Demographic/Census Data

Management Issues

  • Human Resources
  • Professional / Leadership Development


  • Advertising/Brochure Design
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
  • Market Plan Development and Training
  • Website Development


  • Formal Mentoring Programs
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Peer Mentoring

Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based
  • Geographically Based
  • Home Based
  • Industry Specific
  • Small Business/General

Product Development

  • Patent Information

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • Latino Business

Regulatory Compliance

  • Patent Information
  • Trademark and Copyright Information
  • Registration, licenses and permits
  • Bonding
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Government Requirements
  • Codes

Selling to the Government and Large Corporations

  • Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Registration Assistance

Starting a Business

  • Forming a Business
  • Home-Based Business Training
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits
  • Site Location
  • Startup Business Counseling
  • Startup Classes

Tax Services

  • Tax Registration
  • State and Federal TaxTraining
  • Tax Credits
  • State Tax Credit Information

Technical Assistance

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
  • Website Development


  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
  • Budget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training
  • Business Management Training
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Home-Based Business Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Marketing Plan Development and Training
  • Startup Classes