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Reshoring is surging. How your company can benefit.

For decades, the U.S. lost 10,000s of businesses and millions of jobs to offshoring. The resulting broad hollowing out of U.S. manufacturing weakens our ability to ramp defense materiel production.

It is now clear that shorter supply chains are lower risk and are more profitable for OEMs for 20 to 30% of products that are now imported. Almost 2 million jobs have been announced reshoring since 2010. Geo-political risks add further motivation. Find how to accelerate and benefit from the trend.

Takeaways include how to:

· Identify the components and products most eligible to reshore.

· Quantify the costs and risks of offshoring, the benefit of reshoring.

· Find companies that import what you make. Sell to them.

· Convince companies to reshore and buy from you.

· Justify automation to achieve needed competitiveness

· Strengthen skilled workforce recruitment

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