Resource Partner Marketing Tool Kit

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If you have not signed up to be included in the SourceLink Nebraska network, please join the network here.

If you have already registered your organization as a resource partner with SourceLink Nebraska, welcome back!

What is SourceLink Nebraska?

SourceLink Nebraska connects aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with resources to start, scale or accelerate their business in Nebraska.

As a technology tool, SourceLink Nebraska provides:

  • access to a dynamic web directory of resource providers offering a broad range of expertise
  • quick links to  appropriate resources to assist in starting or growing a business

Who can be part of SourceLink Nebraska?

Any nonprofit, government, or educational organization that serves entrepreneurs and Nebraska business owners can be included. There is no cost to join the network.

How does SourceLink Nebraska help resource partners?

  • Reach a broader audience
  • Connect to the small businesses and entrepreneurs that need your help
  • Greater community awareness and publicity of services
  • Compilation of referral and visibility statistics
  • Insights on what entrepreneurs and business owners are searching for
  • Better coordination of efforts statewide

On this page, we provide a tool kit for resource partners to promote engagement with SourceLink Nebraska. If you have any questions about the tools provided here, please reach out to us at

Media Promotion Content

Please use this approved information if you would like to include a segment about SourceLink Nebraska in your organization’s newsletter, social media, or press releases.

SourceLink Nebraska – Approved Program Overview

Please see the fact sheet below for to help explain SourceLink Nebraska and your role as a resource partner.

Entrepreneur & Business Owner Fact Sheet 

Entrepreneur & Business Owner Fact Sheet -Spanish Version

Social Media Accounts for SourceLink Nebraska

Facebook: @SourceLinkNebraska

Twitter: @SourceLinkNE

Instagram: @SourceLinkNebraska

LinkedIn: @SourceLinkNebraska

YouTube: SourceLink Nebraska Channel 

SourceLink Nebraska Official Resource Partner Logo

Use these logos to promote your partnership with SourceLink Nebraska.

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Event Calendar

It takes less than 5 minutes to submit an event, and provides an opportunity for your events to have a broader reach! If you have questions about how to add an event to the calendar, please watch this video or send us an email.