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City of Henderson Economic Development

The City of Henderson along with members of the industrial, business, Chamber and residential Community are dedicated to the growth and development of Henderson and the surrounding area. We work closely with the York County Development Corporation to position our community and county for growth.


Available Properties and Sites

If you have an interest in becoming an owner of an area business, details can be found on available sites, buildings, and businesses in Henderson and York County for rent or purchase.  Both buyers and sellers can access local business incentives to help complete the sales transaction. 

Business Incentives

Henderson has several financing options that partner will with state economic development incentives for many of your business needs.  Financial incentives for Henderson businesses are available through several programs that include Tax Increment Financing, Local Revolving Loan Funds and the Henderson Investment Club to name a few.  

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Loan Providers (Specialty)
  • Obtaining Debt Funding (Specialty)

Libraries and Research Organizations

  • Business Research Resources (Specialty)

Networking Organizations

  • Geographically Based (Specialty)
  • Small Business/General (Specialty)

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance (Specialty)

Starting a Business

  • Business Research Resources (Specialty)
  • Site Location (Specialty)
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City of Henderson Economic Development Information
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