Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) works to reduce the vulnerabilities of the people and communities of Nebraska to damage, injury and loss of life and property resulting from natural, technological or man-made disasters and emergencies. NEMA coordinates the response to large-scale events, such as a tornado, flood or wildfire, and ensures effective response and recovery.


NEMA works with local communities to respond to emergencies. Response begins with the citizens, first responders and local officials of a community. When the resources and capabilities of the local government are exhausted, the governor can proclaim a state emergency and sign a declaration. This declaration formalizes the state response and aggregates all the state’s resources. During a disaster response, the State Emergency Operations Center at NEMA opens and the emergency support function coordinators work together to provide the state response to the needs of the affected local jurisdictions. When Nebraska’s resources are exhausted, the state can request a presidential disaster seeking assistance from the federal government.

Services Provided

Operations and Logistics

  • Health and Safety Training
Primary Contact
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
2433 N.W. 24th Street
Lincoln, NE 68524