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Center for Professional Sales – College of Business Administration – University of Nebraska Omaha

The goal of the program is to introduce students to professional selling and help them develop basic sales skills. Sales roles reign as the #1 career entry point for most CBA students—meaning we all will need selling skills regardless of our title.


We develop these skills through hands-on learning. Partnering with local businesses, we present real business scenarios to the students. They plan, practice, and then conduct in-person sales role-plays, over-the-phone appointment setting calls, and sales pitches with these sales professionals. So for a few days during the semester, the student is the professional and the professional is the client.

The benefit to the student is that they develop sales skills they can use—and they develop confidence in their ability to talk professionally and problem solve with business leaders. Another benefit is that they get to connect with a variety of local businesses hungry to hire talented students into internship and full-time roles. The partner businesses view this as a unique opportunity to get a pre-view of what students will be like on the job—relating to customers and colleagues—while simultaneously helping students learn about themselves and professional selling.

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