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Bio Nebraska

Bio Nebraska is a non-profit, membership-based trade association with a diversified membership including entities from all segments of the bio-ecosystem.


Bio Nebraska is tasked with supporting, promoting and growing Nebraska’s bio-ecosystem and connecting it to the world to create opportunities for economic development and growth in Nebraska. This includes networking, advocacy, resources, development, and education.

Bio Nebraska is the only organization in the state representing over 80 bio-related entities including human health, medical device, animal health, agriculture, industrial biotech, research institutions, as well as service providers.


To create an environment to share ideas and support (Networking), provide members a voice to be heard (Advocacy), foster growth and align industry influences (Resources), and aid in the development of a highly educated workforce (Development & Education) in order for Bio Nebraska members to grow, evolve and flourish.


Elevating Nebraska’s bio-ecosystem to benefit mankind by providing better healthcare, enhanced agriculture and a cleaner and safer environment, hence, creating opportunities for economic development and growth in Nebraska.

Women in STEM

Bio Nebraska is committed to the growth and progress of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees and careers in Nebraska.

That is why Bio Nebraska began its Nebraska Women in STEM program, an initiative created to provide Nebraska women the opportunity to connect, discuss, and collaborate with colleagues and leaders in STEM careers and industries.

Why is supporting women in STEM important for Nebraska and its industries?

  • Companies are missing out on the advantages of a diverse workforce; this will continue as more STEM careers are required
  • STEM jobs overall are projected to increase and expected to face a shortage of workers

The Stats:

  • Women account for about 47 percent of overall careers but make up only about a quarter of the nation’s STEM careers
  • Women receive about the same number of undergraduate degrees as men but receive only 30 percent of STEM degrees

How does Bio Nebraska support women in STEM?

  • Annual Celebrating Women in STEM Luncheon
  • Increasing awareness on social media
  • Member support through sponsorship

    Services Provided

    Public Policy and Government Relations

    • Nebraska Business Issues
    • Women’s Business Issues

    Networking Organizations

    • Demographically Based
    • Geographically Based
    • Industry Specific

    Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

    • Life Sciences Development
    • Science/Bioscience Seminars
    • Industrial Technology Research

    Advocacy and Public Policy Organizations

    • Association
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    Bio Nebraska
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