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The Intern Nebraska program provides grants to businesses and non-profits who want to create new internships in the state.


Internships create lasting connections between students, business, and regions; more than of half of young people who participate in an internship become full-time employees where they intern. The Intern Nebraska Grant Program (InternNE) provides financial assistance to businesses who create new internships in Nebraska.

Is my business eligible for an InternNE grant?

Business and organizations that may receive support from an InternNE grant must:

  • Be located in Nebraska.

  • Be a for-profit company or a non-profit; government entities, as well as both public and private colleges and universities, are not eligible.

Are the internships we want to create eligible?

Internships receiving support from InternNE must employ a student who is either:

  • In the eleventh or twelfth grade in a public or private high school.

  • Enrolled fulltime in a college, university, or other institution of higher education.

  • A recent graduate from a college, university, or other institution of higher education.

The internship should employ the student in a professional or technical position that:

  • Has a limited duration.

  • Provides valuable work experience and career knowledge.

  • Contributes to work on a short-term objective or project.

  • Pays at least the current state minimum wage.

How much can my business receive?

InternNE grants can reimburse up to a 50% of an intern’s wages, up to $5,000 per internship. If the intern is receiving a federal Pell Grant, InternNE can reimburse up to 75% of wages, up to $7,500 per internship.

Services Provided

Human Resources

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Internship Programs and Student Services

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