Central Community College – Hastings

Central Community College is a multi-campus community college serving a 25-county area in central Nebraska — approximately 14,000 square miles with a population of more than 300,000.


CCC offers 36 career and technical education programs with a focus on degree, diploma and certificate programs requiring two years or less to complete. The college also offers an academic transfer program for students who want to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree before transferring to a four-year college or university.

In addition, the college offers classes in communities throughout its 25-county service area, online learning, and training and development for businesses, industries and other organizations.

The Hastings Campus offers 28 career education programs in addition to providing courses in 17 areas for students who plan to complete two years at CCC before transferring to four-year colleges and universities to complete bachelor’s degrees.

 The campus library is located in the Nuckolls Building. It provides students with access to a variety of reference works, books, periodicals and electronic databases as well as interlibrary loan services throughout the United States.

Other facilities include the Woodlands Dining Room, operated by hospitality management and culinary arts students, and radio station KCNT, operated by broadcasting students. The Hastings Elks Club golf course is located adjacent to the campus.

The campus offers a wide range of campus activities, clubs, organizations and other opportunities to get involved in campus life.

Services Provided


  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
  • Human Resources Training
  • Trade Education and Training
  • Business Management Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Marketing Plan Development and Training
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance
  • Budget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training
  • Health Care Training

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Business Degree Program
Primary Contact
Valeria Denman
550 South Technical Boulevard
Hastings, NE 68901