Nebraska Business Licensing & Permits

Obtaining the proper licenses and permits is an important step when starting and operating a business. The specific requirements can differ depending on several factors.

Research: Research the federal, state, and local regulations that apply to your business.

Zoning, Building & Land Use: You may need zoning approval, building permits, or other land use permits before you can operate a business.

Federal: Certain industries may require federal licenses.

State & Local: States, counties, and cities often have requirements for business.

Professional: If your business involves certain regulated professions ensure you and your employees have the necessary professional licenses and certifications.


The One Stop Licensing and Inspection Portal serves as a centralized hub providing access to various state licensing and inspection services. The portal aims to function as a supplementary resource to assist business owners and operators in identifying the necessary filings required by the State of Nebraska. However, it is important to note that this site is not intended to be an exhaustive list encompassing all inspections, registrations, licenses, or tax requirements.

The State of Nebraska offers a centralized resource dedicated to Business Licensing. This platform serves as a comprehensive reference for businesses to explore the various licenses and permits required for legal operation within the state. The resource covers licensing mandates at both the state and local levels.

This resource provides a comprehensive compilation of all cities, counties, and villages in Nebraska. Users can consult this directory to obtain detailed information about local licensing requirements, applicable codes, and necessary permits for conducting business activities within each respective jurisdiction.