Bryan Baumgart

Photo of Bryan Baumgart - Owner of Burrito Envy and Tequila Bar
Burrito Envy logo
Image Credit: Courtesy of Burrito Envy & Tequila Bar
Image Credit: Courtesy of The Good Life Med Staff (TGL)

Bryan’s journey into entrepreneurship began during his formative years, as he witnessed his family establish and manage various businesses in Humphrey, Nebraska. Drawing inspiration from this environment, Bryan developed a natural inclination for leadership, which he cultivated through involvement in diverse public and private organizations. An ardent believer in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in others, Bryan finds immense joy in sharing his experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

With a shared vision of creating a remarkable dining experience centered around specialty burritos, Bryan and his wife, Summer, embarked on a dream to open their own restaurant. In November 2015, their vision became a reality as Burrito Envy welcomed its first patrons in the historic Benson business district of Omaha. Complementing this establishment, Bryan expanded his culinary ventures in June 2018 by opening Tequila Bar adjacent to the Benson location. Since their inception, both Burrito Envy and Tequila Bar have been consistently recognized for excellence, earning the esteemed “Best of Omaha” award every year as voted by their loyal customers.

Going beyond the confines of a typical eatery, Burrito Envy & Tequila Bar has evolved into a vibrant hub for live music performances and special events. Additionally, their catering services cater to a range of occasions, while also supplying delectable burritos to local businesses. Deeply committed to giving back to the community, Bryan and his team pioneered Restaurant Giving Week, an initiative that encourages participating restaurants to provide 100 meals to Omaha’s homeless population. Bryan takes immense pride in being an active member of the Omaha community and relishes the opportunity to offer exclusive culinary delights that are unparalleled in Nebraska.

In late 2022, Bryan ventured into a new realm of business by co-founding The Good Life Med Staff (TGL) in Omaha. This innovative enterprise aims to connect nurses with healthcare facilities, ensuring a seamless flow of talent within the medical industry.

Bryan’s entrepreneurial journey continues to thrive, fueled by his unwavering passion for creating exceptional experiences and positively impacting the Omaha community.