Beeso Studio is a Full-Service Partner for Startups

John Bunting Photo with Beeso Studio Logo

Beeso Studio is a Full-Service Partner for Startups

Photo Credit: Alan Martinez & John Bunting

Written by Nick Schinker


Technology startup founders who want to launch and scale their new businesses have an ally in Omaha-based Beeso Studio and its array of services including software development, operations, marketing, sales, and fundraising.

Prior to relocating to Omaha to work in IT consulting, Beeso Studio CEO John Bunting began a similar one-stop tech startup studio in Las Vegas. He took the knowledge he gained in that venture and opened Beeso Studio in January 2019.

“Our expertise is in growing businesses,” Bunting says. “I looked at the demographics, the universities, and the support structures, and it made sense to launch a startup studio in Omaha.”

Bunting explains that there are about 500 startup studios worldwide and most are outside the United States. He says similar services are available in Denver and Chicago but not in the Omaha region.

“A startup studio, as opposed to an accelerator or an incubator, is more focused on doing the actual work, rather than coaching,” he says. “Accelerators don’t build the software, or do marketing, or knock on doors to do sales. We do.”

Bunting says each member of the Beeso Studio team has more than 10 years of experience in a wide variety of fields. “This means that from day one, our startup partners bring on an experienced board of advisors to help them grow and avoid the problems many startups face,” he says.

Beeso Studio also has a network of more than 100 investors across the country eager to back innovative startups, Bunting says. “We also provide coaching, but we go beyond a set period of time,” he says. “We offer advice and guidance until the startup hires its own team.”

Beeso Studio is one of many entrepreneurial-focused resource partners that are being promoted through SourceLink Nebraska, a statewide platform that connects entrepreneurs and business owners to resources that help start, scale or accelerate businesses. The Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) serves as the host for the program.

Scott Asmus, SourceLink Nebraska Network Builder, says Beeso Studio provides a wraparound approach that is needed to enhance outcomes for Nebraska startup businesses. “Beeso Studio is one more great example of support available for Nebraska startups,” Asmus says.

Since its founding, Beeso Studio has built a team of professionals and grown its portfolio of startups that range from Omaha companies to startups in the United Kingdom and Canada.

“When we founded Beeso Studio, my thought was to help startups in the Midwest,” Bunting says. “We have since gone beyond that to working across the world. Our location is not as big a factor as I had thought.”

The tech startups that have tapped Beeso Studio as a resource are also registering their own successes. One company, Abstrakt, a Phoenix-based startup that provides real-time call coaching software for sales teams, received a $120,000 investment prize in the recent Startup Showdown 2022 in Atlanta.

“Omaha is a unique space,” Bunting says. “It has a combination of well-educated people, a good talent pool and a reasonable cost of living. There is a lot of interest in building a startup in Omaha.”

To learn more, please visit the Beeso Studio website.

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